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JROTC Raider Team


Army JROTC views extra-curricular activities as a venue to develop teamwork, communication skills, personal social responsibility, fitness, leadership, selfless service to the community and others, good work ethic, sportsmanship, and fair play. We believe the values learned from these activities will help all students throughout their lives.

Color Guard is a highly visible ceremonial support team representing our Country, School and Corps of Cadets, presenting or posting the National Colors at all JROTC military and social events, all home football games, and official High School, School District and Community level events including numerous Veterans Day ceremonies, the Commerce Christmas Parade, and Nicholson Daisy Festival Parade.  Outstanding cadet candidates are carefully screened and selected for the honor of carrying the National Colors in front of our School and shared Community.

Raider Team. Open to students enrolled in Army JROTC, and loosely based upon the U.S. Army’s Best Ranger Competition, the Raider Team instills teamwork, physical and technical skills at the individual and team levels. The Raider experience blends mental and physical resilience and competitive endurance tasks found in a conventional Army unit such as the Physical Fitness Test, 5km team Runs, Rope Bridges, Land Navigation Courses, Tire Flip, Cross Country Relay, Obstacle Courses, First Aid Knowledge, and Litter/Stretcher Carry. Under the supervision and instruction of the Army JROTC instructors, the Raider team is a motivated group of cadets willing to push themselves and their teammates to move further, faster and train harder than any other Army JROTC Cadet. Cadets will tell you straight-up, that Army JROTC Raider season is the highlight of their Army JROTC experience! Practices are Mondays through Thursdays, unless otherwise scheduled, from 3:30 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., beginning in the JROTC common area.

JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) Teams.  Practice rounds are held in October, with Level I Competition held in early November. Open to freshman, sophomores and juniors (no seniors) enrolled in Army JROTC. One of the main goals of the JROTC Academic Bowl event is to prepare students for state exit/graduation exams and standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT.  The JLAB Leadership Bowl event is a way to evaluate the understanding of the JROTC Curriculum in the following areas: Citizenship in Action, Leadership Theory & Application; Foundations for Success (Unit 3); Winning Colors, Graphic Organizers & Thinking Maps; The George C. Marshall Principles of Leadership; and “No Substitute for Victory”: Lessons in Strategy & Leadership from GEN Douglas MacArthur.

The Rifle Team is a Georgia High School Association (GHSA) sanctioned varsity sport, open to all GHSA-eligible students at both Jackson County and East Jackson County High schools.  Eligible and qualified student-athletes may earn a varsity athletic letter upon successful completion of two seasons. An Olympic and GHSA sport, the Rifle Team utilizes precision and sporter-class (.177 cal) air rifles and competes with other GHSA Riflery programs throughout Areas 4 and 8 in January and February, and may compete in 3-position precision postal and special invitational marksmanship matches from the prone, standing, (includes sitting if 4-position match) and kneeling positions. Tryouts for GHSA eligible student-athletes are normally held in the October timeframe. Because of the transition to the Empower C3, we are assessing whether we can host a team this year.

Saber Team is open to students enrolled in Army JROTC, the Sabre Team provides highly visible ceremonial saber arch support to JROTC, School, School District and Community activities.  The Saber Team utilizes official U.S. Army officer sabers in performance of their ceremonial support activities.  It is expected by our school and community that the Saber Team performs at a high level of proficiency in support of Homecoming Court (Football), the Army JROTC Battalion Dining-Out, and High School Graduation Commencement.

Open to students enrolled in Army JROTC, Drill Team includes competitive, precision drill teams (squad, platoon, competition Color Guard) competing in military regulated and unregulated style drill meets throughout Area 8 (Northeast Georgia), and the State of Georgia. The drill team may participate in numerous School Support, School District Support and Community Support activities in Jackson County throughout the academic year. Tryouts are normally held in late fall timeframe, with competitions normally in the January and February timeframes. 

Direct questions about JROTC to:

Major Billy Chau

Command Sgt. Major Melvin Farr

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